Project Integration Management Notes PMBOK6 -Part 1

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Card : 1

What is project charter ?

     A document that

  1. Formally authorizes existence of a project
  2. Provides Project Manager with authority to use organizational resources for project activities


Card : 2

Who creates or signs the Project charter ?
Sponsor or senior management


Card : 3

Define  Develop Project Management Plan ?

                  The process of defining, preparing and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive project plan


Card : 4

Define Direct and mange Project Work

                 The process of leading and performing the work defined in the Project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve projects objectives


Card : 5

Define Monitor and Control Project work?

 The process of tracking reviewing and reporting the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in project management plan


Card : 6

Define perform Integrated change control

 The process of

  1. Reviewing all change request
  2. Approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, OPA, Project documents and Project management plan


Card : 7

Define close Project or Phase

The process of finalizing all activities across all of the Project management Process groups to formally complete the project or phase.


Card : 8

What is key benefit of develop charter process?
  • Well defined project start and project boundaries
  • Creation of formal record of the project
  • Direct way for seniot management to accept and commit project


Card : 9

What is the key benefit of Develop Project Management plan Process?
   Obtain a central document that defines basis of all project Work


Card : 10

What is the key benefit of Direct and Manage work process?
It provides overall management of the project work


Card : 11

What is the key benefit of Monitor and Control Project Work Process?

      It allows stakeholders to

  • understand the current state of the project
  • the steps taken, and budget
  • Schedule and scope forecasts.


Card : 12

What is the key benefit of Perform Integrated Change Control Process?

          It allows documented changes within the project to be considered in an integration fashion while reducing project risk, which often arises from changes made without consideration to the overall project objectives or plans.


Card : 13

What is the key benefit of Close Project or Phase Process?

          It provides lessons learned, the formal ending of project works, and the release of organization resources to pursue new endeavors.


Card : 14

The key output of the Develop Project Charter process?
Project Charter


Card : 15

 When should the project manager be assigned?

          A project manager is identified and assigned as early in the project


Card : 16

 The project Statement of Work (SOW)?

          SOW is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be delivered by a project. [Business need, product scope description, strategic plan]


Card : 17

Who provides SOW for internal projects ? based on what ?

The project initiator or sponsor provides the statement of work based on business needs, product, or service requirements. 


Card : 18

Who provides SOW for external projects  ? based on what ? 

The statement of work can be received from the customer as part of a bid document, (eg : Arequest for proposal, request for information, or request for bid) or as part of a contract


Card : 19

Define Business need?

          An organization’s business need may be based on market demand,technological advance,legal requirement,government regulation,or environmental consideration

Typically, the business need and the cost-benefit analysis are contained in the business case to justify the project.

Product scope description?


Card : 20

Define Product scope description?

          The product scope description documents the characteristics of the product ,service, or results that the project will be undertaken to create. The description should also document the relationship between the products, services, or results being created and the business need that the project will address.


Card : 21

What is Strategic plan?

The strategic plan documents the

  • Organization’s strategic vision,
  • Goals and objectives
  • And may contain a high-level mission statement.


Card : 22

What is Business case?

          It describes the necessary information from a business standpoint to determine whether or not the project is worth the required investment.


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