Project Life Cycle and Project Phases Part 1

Flashcards and Notes on Project Life Cycle and Project Phases

Card : 1

What is Project life cycle?
Flow from phase to phase From beginning to end of project


Card : 2

What is a phase?

 Phase is collection of logically related project activities that culminate in the completion of one or more deliverables

every project is made up of one or more phases


Card : 3

What Work Authorization System?

A system to ensure Project work get performed at right time and sequence

eg : ERP,MS projects, Files etc


Card : 4

What is sequential Relationship in project phases?
  •  Executes one phase at a time
  •  More time taking , as each phase wait for previous to complete
  •  Eg : Phase 2 after completion of phase 1


Card : 5

What is Overlapping Relationship in project phases?
  • Phases will not wait for previous one to complete
  • Saves time but need more care
  • More risky and prone to error


Card : 6

What is the generic life cycle?
  • Starting the project
  • Organizing and preparing
  • Carrying out the work
  • Ending the project


Card : 7

What are the life cycle approaches?
  • Predictive
  • Iterative
  • Incremental
  • Adaptive
  • Hybrid


Card : 8

What is Predictive life cycle?
  • Water flow model ,fully plan driven
  • Definite and accurate life cycle and takes more time
  • Time and cost are determined at the early stage of life cycle


Card : 9

What is Iterative life cycle?
  • Only scope is determined early
  • Time and cost updated constantly through the life cycle
  • Series of iterations are done, each iteration will have all the phases done on previous iteration
  • Gets chance to better define requirement on start of each cycle


Card : 10

What is Incremental life cycle?
  • develops a product through the implementation of incremental steps
  • each increment have which have predetermined timeframes
  • each increment  delivers additional functionality for the product 
  • customers sign off at each exit point


Card : 11

What is Adaptive Life cycle?
  • rapid development process (like agile) to execute a project fast
  • good when you are developing a first of its kind application
  • The customer must be intimately involved in the process
  • must be able to define incremental requirements at the start of each iteration


Card : 12

What is Hybrid Life cycle?
  1. Combination of predictive and Adaptive approach
  2. accept the fluidity of projects and allow for a more nimble
  3. and nuanced approach to work


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