Project Management Framework-Notes Part1

Flashcards and Notes on Project Management Framework PMBOK6

Card : 1

What is Project ?

Project is

  • Temperory endeavour (will have specific start and end date)
  • must creates unique results like a product ,service or outcome ,
  • Project must end


Card : 2

What is Operation
Operations are are the ongoing,repetitive routine ,includes most of the “normal” daily business functions
eg :staffing management, payroll, product production, service delivery, etc


Card : 3

What is Program
It can be a group of Projects, and can even contain some operations ,
Eg : Project of building a new car model and operation of production and Support of that model


Card : 4

What is Portfolio
  • Group of one or more projects,operations and even programs
  • mainly for business result
  • reflects business or organisation strategy


Card : 5

What is OPM ?
Organisational Project Management (OPM) is responsible for integration of projects, programs, portfolios and operation to meet organisational benefit .
OPM will choose right project/program etc for meeting organisations goal.


Card : 6

What is PMO ?

Project Management office(PMO) 

  •  standardizes the processes,
  • make sure right resources and tools are given to the project



Card : 7

What are types of PMO ?

PMO Types

Supportive:PMO is least Powerful

Controlling:PMO is powerful ,

Directive : PMO is most powerful ,


Card : 8

What is supportive PMO ?

Supportive PMO: 

PMO just give templates and training for project

Least Powerful


Card : 9

What is Controlling PMO ?

Controlling PMO: 

PMO is powerful

inspects,control and do complaince on project activities


Card : 10

What is Directive PMO ?

Directive PMO: PMO is most powerful ,

PMs are appointed by PMO ,

PMs reports to PMO,allocates required resources to project 


Card : 11

What are types of Organisation ?

Orgainsation types

  • Virtual Organisation
  • Functional Organisation
  • Matrix Organisation
  • Project Oriented


Card : 12

What is Virtual organisation ?

Virtual organisation

employees or enterprises work as seperate entities to acheive common task

depends mostly on Information technology(IT) for collabration 

eg: Freelancing ,Virtual Office ,Outsourcing


Card : 13

What id Functional Organisation ?

Functional Organisation

  • Functional Managers are most powerfull.
  • PM is mostly partime and request team members from functional manager
  • PM has less power


Card : 14

What is Matrix Organisations ?

Matrix Organisation

  • Most common type of organisation.
  • Will have both Project Manager and Functional manager.
  • Once project is Completed resources will be returned to their functional teams.


Card : 15

What are types of Matrix Organisations ?

Types of matrix Organisation

  1. Week Matrix
  2. Balanced matrix
  3. Strong Matrix


Card : 16

What are features of Weak Matrix Organisation ?

Weak matrix Organisation

  • Functional Managers are powerfull.
  • Project Manager(PM) is normally partime.
  • PM  acts as a co-ordinator or expeditor


Card : 17

What are features of Balanced Matrix Organisation ?

Balanced matrix Organisation

  • Project Manager(PM) is normally partime.
  • PM has same power as Functional Manager
  • Resources report to PM on project related activities
  • Resources report to their Functional Manager on non project issues.


Card : 18

What are features of Stong Matrix Organisation ?

Strong matrix Organisation

  • Project Manager(PM) is fulltime.
  • PM has more power than Functional Manager
  • Functional Managers supports the PM on technical and functional issues.
  • PM reports to PMO,OPM or sponsor or Top Management


Card : 19

Who is Project Expeditor ?

Project Expeditor

  • Is least powerful (in weak matrix organisations PM is expeditor)
  • Make sure work is done and report back to supervisor
  • Is like a staff assistant and cannot make decission.
  • Not a decission taker


Card : 20

Explain Project Coordinator ?

Project Coordinator

  • Is Powerfull than Project Expeditor.
  • Will take some decision and have some authority.
  • Reports to high level manager.


Card : 21

What is EEF ?

Enterprise Environment Factor(EEF)

  • Factors affecting project but not under PM's control
  • EEF has to be considered on every phase of project.
  • Eg : Office politics, Management Sentiments, Past performances etc


Card : 22

What is OPA

Organisational Process Assets(OPA)

  • Anything available in organisation that will be helpful in the project  .
  • Eg : Previous Plans ,Templates, Lesson Learned , estimates  etc.


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